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Mzuzu Golf Club’s state worry Golfers

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Mzuzu Golf Club Captain, Bill Mvalo has shown concern over the tendency by communities to invade the club’s golf course which is situated between Masasa and Hilltop areasand  turn it to hold several activities.

According to Mvalo,  people use the course  for their personal and community activities, including football matches and driving lessons.

Mvalo said the tendency has also  affected the prospect of the club hosting tournaments so as to generate money for its renovation.

“The problem is that it is located right at the centre of the city and surrounded by locations. We tried to build a fence around it but some members of the communities demolished it. Right now they can walk through it and children can play there. As such, the course is not attractive to golfers at all,” Mvalo said.

“Secondly, most drivers use it as a training ground, motorcyclists do the same. Therefore, the fairways and the routes make playing golf very difficult.”

The club has since received a donation of K200,000 from Britam Insurance Company for the maintenance of the greens.

Making the donation on Saturday, Britam Chief Executive Officer, Frank Mwenechanya, said they were responding to the club’s concerns over the state of the course.

Mvalo said the donation will help to plant lawns to replace what he described as “the current football pitch-like golf course”

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