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Mwawi Kumwenda donates k100k to ex-Queens player, Mzagada

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The former Malawi Queens, influential figure, Emma Mzagada, who felt used and dumped by the team after poorly falling sick, she feels now an incredible sense of relief after Mwawi Kumwenda donated to her 100, 000 kwacha on Monday, February 27, 2017.

Over few weeks, Mzagada who was playing partner of Mary Waya, reported in Nyasa Times complaining how the Queens deserted her after falling sick.

Mzagada has been ill since 2009 and her health has deteriorated to an extent that she can no longer force herself to the hospital. She has been ill since 2009 and her she was once diagnosed with Tuberculosis but her condition has not changed despite receiving treatment.]

However, Mwawi Kumwenda who is in Austria has come to her rescue, according to her official Facebook page she asks to other well-wishers to do the same.

“Good morning,

After I heard about the plight of my fellow Malawi Queens Netball player Emma that she is sick and in need of help…I have contributed Mk100,000.00 towards her needs.

The Money Was handed over yesterday….

Am appealing to my fellow Malawians to assist our sister to meet her point of need through cash or in kind …

Stay Blessed,” ends of her post.

For  14 years between 1995 and 2009 Mzagada diligently served the Malawi Queens as a top-notch shooter winning numerous individual awards, including the ‘NETBALL Player of the Year’ accolade six times in a row from 2000.

Mzagada stays in Chilomoni township in the city of Blantyre.


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