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Two France Fans Die During World Cup Celebrations (Photos)

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Two people are reported dead and several others injured after football fans in Russia clashed with police as they were celebrating their world cup win over Croatia.

People run from tear gas during the violent clashes in the French capital

After the team celebrated their second ever World Cup win in Moscow, the football fans took to the streets where among others there was looting and running battles involving fans and the police who went to the extent of using tear gas to disperse people in the streets of Paris.

Rioting broke out soon after midnight as large crowds refused to disperse

According to Mirror, a total of 292 people were placed in custody across France.

The most violent disturbances took place in Paris on Sunday, where 102 people were arrested, and 92 taken to cells.

Another man lies injured on the ground following France’s World Cup victory over Croatia

Trouble flared again on Monday morning when police went to a Nike store in Paris where crowds built up to try and get hold of new France T-shirt complete with two stars to signify two world cup wins.

A man falls to the floor after inhaling tear gas as French football fans clash with police

In the Alpine city of Annecy, some 350 miles east, a 50-year-old France fan broke his neck after jumping into a canal at the end of the final.

This picture, taken from the top of the Arch of Triumph in Paris, shows a water canon dispersing people after the clashes

This was happening as France’s President Emmanuel Macron was also high in celebrating the victory in Moscow with one of his picture showing him celebrating a goal making rounds online.

President Emmanuel Macron celebrates a goal at the World Cup final wildly

France managed to beat Croatia 4-2 in yesterday’s world cup final in Russia. This is the second time for France to have won the world cup.

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