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FISD hailed for increasing sponsorship

FISD hailed for increasing sponsorship
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By Robert Kumwenda

Vice Chairman for Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) Partick Mbalati has commended FISD for increasing its sponsorship from 50 to 60 Million saying that this will go a long way in terms of developing football in this country.

He said this is because the competition for the cup starts in regional levels where more youth in rural areas showcase their talents.

“Am encouraging more teams to participate and work hard to win the cup,” he said.

Concurring with Mbalati Fleetwood Hayiya Chief Executive Officer for Nyasa Big Bullets also thanked FISD for increasing the sponsorship saying that as Nyasa Manufacturing Company they do not take this for granted.

He said they will be the first team to win the cup.

General Secretary for Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Alfred Gunda said FISD cup targets the real hearts of football by starting in the districts.
He said that this is significant sign that FISD have confidence in our game and the organization of football.

“We hope that this relationship will keep on growing to strength to strength and we expect fair play and discipline for all the teams that will compete in the cup,” he said.

The winners of the cup will take 16 million kwacha.

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