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Chitipa UTD NRFA & Simso Championship favorites

Chitipa UTD NRFA & Simso Championship favorites
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Chitipa United are Northern Region Football Association Premier League top contenders for championship, cementing top spot, 10 points clear to second placed Ekwendeni Hammers.

CP UTD were relegated from TNM Super League in 2017 in their debut season in the top-flight League after finishing bottom and are fighting for a return into TNM Super League.

Despite being on top of the League in the NRFA Simso League, CP UTD coach, Robert Nzinza says the team is having financial challenges and it is facing criticism claiming they buy favors from match officials to win matches.

“We have not met some of our obligations as a team because of lack of funding. Out of the seven games we have played so far, six have been away games, which as usual are expensive because we need transport, accommodation and food in such scenarios. The second challenge is that we are being criticised for bribing officials which is not true. We do not need to be favoured but to be fairly treated. It’s so disgusting to reduce us to that level. We have a team with quality players and we deserve respect,” he bemoaned.

Nzinza’s men have managed to collect 55 points out of 23 games, making them serious contenders for promotion into 2019 TNM Super League.

However, the coach still more thinks it is too early to start talking about promotion yet.

“With the way things are happening outside the field of play, it is too early to say that, because you never know what will happen next, but if the games will be played and scheduled in the spirit of fairness and transparency we should be able to clinch the championship,” he said.

Second placed team, Ekwendeni, have played 22 games, and their team Manager, Mabuchi Mkandawire, still hopes his team is capable of excelling.

“It has not been easy to reach this far, we have played against tough teams along the way and we still have tough encounters, but still more we are hoping to excel.

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