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English FA to reduce number of foreign based players

English FA to reduce number of foreign based players
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English Football Association (FA) in due course of plans to reduce the number of foreign players in the Premier League, and boost the number of local players as they are trying to deal with Brexit.

According to SuperSport, the proposal will be presented to PL clubs this week, which shall mean that the current 17 recommended foreign players for a club be trimmed to 12.

This will affect more teams in the league because currently thirteen clubs have more than 12 foreign players in their first team squads this season.

As it stands, the FA has not responded to justification on the matter as requested by the Reuters.

The report states that: “The FA would in return agree to give a governing body endorsement, usually issued for a non-EU/European Economic Area elite player to help the development of football in England, for a work permit for every foreign player who gets a contract with a Premier League club.”

“If the clubs fail to reach agreement with the FA on Brexit, they could face a “no-deal” scenario where all EU players would have to fulfil the same criteria that non-EU players do now to get a work permit,” the report added.

Yesterday, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Britain is yet to resolve issues with the European Union over Brexit as the two sides approached the “endgame” in negotiations for departure from the bloc.

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