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Flames to pause camp on Thursday, confirms Sangala

Flames to pause camp on Thursday, confirms Sangala
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Malawi National Team Players are tomorrow expected to take a short break in their preparations for a game away to Comoros Island in an AFCON qualifier match, as confirmed by Team Manager James Sanagala.

The current assembled team consists of local based players, as foreign based are busy with their clubs.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Sanagala started by confirming that the local based players are giving it all, which he described as positive, and said the players who have just joined the team in the current call-up will not struggle to cope up with already established players.

“The players are working hard which shows that they are eager to be part of the team that is going to participate in the game, so it is bringing in a good indication, and that’s what we need, because we need fighters when we go there to Comoros.”

“Looking at the structures that we have, you know we have players that have stayed with us for a very long time, so just bringing in two or three players is not a big deal, and I must say it hasn’t been a very complicated situation, everything is just going on smoothly,” the manager explained.

The team was called for camp last Sunday, and it welcomed back Mecium Mhone, Gastin Simkonda, Khuda Muyaba, and maidens; Tigers striker Peter Katsonga and Silver Strikers winger Duncain Nyoni.

The manager then confirmed that the team will take a short break on Thursday to allow players to participate in their respective club trainings ahead of the upcoming games.

“We are breaking camp on Thursday. You know there are different competitions over the weekend, so we are going to release the players so that they can go and play their games, and I must also say that after the Wednesday morning training we are going to release the Bullets players because they have a game on Thursday (against Mzamani FC) in which they have to travel to Dedza for a FISD Cup game, and also as you know that Wanderers was playing on Tuesday we did not have their players in camp, so we are welcoming them this afternoon.”

“Our programme has been like that, and of course we are not worried, as I said we have been having the players for a long time now, and they already know what is required of them and the technical panel knows what the players are capable of doing, so it’s just the matter of polishing up one or two things that we are lacking so that we can have the victory in the game against Comoros,” Sangala confirmed.

He further said that the team is expected to leave for the game on Wednesday, 14th November, 2018, and also said that they can meet with foreign based players somewhere on the way to Comoros, as they do mostly, if the players are tied up with their respective clubs.

The game is slated to be played on 17th this month.

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