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‘It is not Comoros but France select’- Nyamilandu

‘It is not Comoros but France select’- Nyamilandu
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Football Association of Malawi President, Walter Nyamilandu Manda was at it again last weekend when Flames were blushed by 2 goals to nil away to Comoros Islands in Moron, claiming the team Flames played was not Comoros but rather France Select.

The sentiment came after the Flames’ hopes for qualification in next year’s Africa Cup of Nations were cut short when they were beaten by Comoros, a result which led to anchorage of group B Afcon qualifier standings.

The result induced anger in Nyamilandu who took his bitter feelings to Twitter, claiming Comoros is a collection of French players.

“In case you don’t know this is not Comoros but France Select. None of the players are born in Comoros. They buy citizenship to make a national team. I would never do that. It’s immoral. I have voiced my concerns before and I won’t shy away denouncing this shameful act,” read the bitter statement of the FAM president.

Recently, Nyamilandu was voted as a member of FIFA Council, and attended the first meeting in Rwanda.

However, despite the loss, the FAM president is positive and says the next move is to rebuild the team for the future.

“We will come back strong and better prepared for the next campaign. This is not an excuse for the loss but a motive to enlighten others. Even if Malawi had dual nationality I wouldn’t buy foreign nationals to play for the Flames. Let’s forge ahead and focus on rebuilding the team,” he explained.

As it stands Group B is led by Morocco with 10 points and seconded by the hosts Cameroon whose place is already secured for being hosts for the competition and they have 8 points, which is already safe for qualification for them again despite being hosts, on the 3rd position comes Comoros with one point ahead of Flames who have 4 points.


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