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Boxing rematch: Gwayani, Salimu to fight again this month-end

Boxing rematch: Gwayani, Salimu to fight again this month-end
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Byson ‘Fuso Fighter’ Gwayani and Salimu ‘Destroyer’ Chazama are set to fight again in the National Junior Welterweight title at the end of the month at M1 Center Point, after the former won the previous fight right in the third round two months ago.

Gwayani is from Kamuzu Institute gym while Salimu is from Kamuzu Barracks gym, and the National rematch fight is set to take place on the 30th as both terrific boxers are looking to end the year on a high note.

In an interview with Malawi Sports, the belt defender, Gweyani, said this time around he will fight him to the point that he will not want him anymore, but vowed not to take it so simple despite winning in the third round during the previous meeting.

“Yeah the issue is so straight. I have accepted the fight with Salimu. In the last bout I defeated him in round three, so he wants to try his luck again but this time around I will make him want me no more.

“Of course am not going into this fight thinking it will be easy. I am training as if am the one who lost during the last fight,” he clarified.

Records show that in the past years Kamuzu Barracks boxers have failed to defeat Kamuzu Institute boxers, and examples for such bouts are:  Byson Gwayani (KI) against Horris Kazembe (KB and Ellen Simwaka (KI) versus Lukia Ali (KB), both ended in favour of KI.

However on Salimu’s side, he feels it is long overdue since he reclaimed the national championship title.

“It is a very classic bout for me since it has taken long since I defended my title, and people will have a platform to judge if I am really fit to be the nation’s champion or someone else. As you know boxing is my daily life, so I take this fight as a very important tool. It will also prove if I am really fit for championship.

“I am well prepared like I was last time, I only have to polish up two-three things which went wrong last time,” Salimu explained.

The man from KI has fought 25 professional bouts, has managed to win 21 times and lost 4 times, and none of his fights have ended in a draw. His two losses came in South Africa, while the other two were inflicted on home soil.

On the other hand, the KB boxer has fought 29 times, winning 22 times, losing on four occasions and managing to draw thrice in the process.

Meanwhile, the fight will be accompanied by some supporting fights, the main supporting bout being against Gabriel Phillip Chirwa against Alick Mwenda, and the others being; a fight between Geromi Bititi from DRC and Robert Kachiza from Malawi, Acras Mchombo versus Mudi Kuminga and Natalia King Nata exchanging fists with Fellister Modesto.

Standard entry fee for all the fights is set at K3000 while for VIP it is K5000.

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