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Mwawi tips NAM as she continues rehab

Mwawi tips NAM as she continues rehab
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Malawi netball team player, Mwawi Kumwenda, who also plies her trade at an Australian side Melbourne Vixens, has advised Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) to consider early preparations for the forthcoming Netball World Cup.

The Queens’ super shooter made the remarks as she is continuing rehabilitation on her knee injury which she sustained this year on 28 July in a game between Vixens and West Coast Fever, and she is expected to be fit again next year in August as advised by doctors.

The shooter, who returned home for holiday this month, said this in an interview according to a leading local Newspaper.

She said: “if possible, the team should start early training so as to build team-work and perform better at the games.”

Kumwenda will not be available for the World Cup, whose kick-off is scheduled for July 12 up to 21, a period of 9 days, in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and she will be fit the other month.

Mwawi after injury in July

On the duration of the injury, she also confirmed that it is doubtful that she will make a timely return to take part at the world competition, as she is following the advice by the doctors.

“It is very unlikely that I will recover in time for the World Cup. I am still doing my rehabilitation here [in Malawi] as per doctors’ advice,” she told the Paper.

The remarks to the Malawi netball mother body will serve as a well-timed reminder, since preparatory excuses have been a tendency in most competitions attended by the Queens.

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