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Peter Banda calls for unceasing support despite COSAFA exit

Peter Banda calls for unceasing support despite COSAFA exit
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Flames under-20 attacking midfielder, Peter Banda, has called upon Malawians to continue being behind Flames Under-20 despite their disappointing exit from this year’s COSAFA Cup competition, where poor preparations took a big part in the shambolic showing.

Flames youth side lost their first game against hosts Zambia by two goals to one, then drew one-all to Mozambique before losing their last game to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) 3-1.

Their painful loss came in the last game against DR Congo, since they started brightly by scoring in the first minute through Chikaiko Batson and conceded two goals in the very same first half, and the third in the second half.

Banda made the remarks to a local radio station yesterday and also added that they hope to do well in the coming competitions.

“This year we have drawn once and lost twice, but last season we won once and came up with two draws. The latest performance comes after having poor preparation this year. But all I am asking from Malawians is to continue being behind us and keep motivating us.

“We planned to come home with the trophy despite joining the competition without preparations, but unfortunately we have failed to do so. So there is always next time and we hope to do well in the next competitions,” he calmly explained.

However, Team Manager for the under-20 team, Aubrey Nankhuni, accepted the defeat, but said he wasn’t convinced with the loss to DRC, since the opponents were too harsh on his boys.

“We have to accept losing by 3 goals to one according to how the game was. DRC was playing a too physical game and they were hash on us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Banda who is also a Griffin Youngsters player is on the verge of a move to South African giants, Keizer Chiefs.

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