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FAM Technical Officials to travel to SA for fitness workshop

FAM Technical Officials to travel to SA for fitness workshop
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Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Technical Officials will today travel to South Africa to attend a Confederation of African Football (CAF) physical fitness workshop.

The workshop will take place for two days, and the traveling team includes: FAM Youth Football Development Officer James Sangala and National Referees Fitness Instructor Moffat Champiti.

According to FAM website, the course aimed at training the technical officials on how to use the electronic Physical Fitness Performance devices used for monitoring the performance of athletes.

The equipment were donated last year to each member associations including Malawi, and Sangala said: “basically, the equipment that we received include electronic  devices which is a strategy and physical performance measuring tool for outdoor team sports players. It is stand-alone tool worn by players on the chest (vest) to collect data, which are synchronized at the end of a game or training on a laptop or mobile device.

“After the course, we will be able to start using the gadgets which will help us get scientific assessments of measuring how fit our players are, as well as identifying good players. We are expected to transfer the knowledge to all elite coaches in Malawi.”

The FAM website also indicates that: “following the decision of the CAF Executive Committee at its meeting on 10 January 2018 in Casablanca, Morocco, each Member Associations was in May last year given Physical Fitness Performance device to monitor the performance of athletes.

“The objective of the donation is to protect African football players and will lead to improved performance of players, reduce injuries, decrease sudden cardiac arrest cases and reduce fatalities amongst other towards the development of football across the continent.

“Each Member Association received 50 kits consisting of 25 physical fitness devices, 25 heart rate monitors, three charging hubs, 50 vests, one carry bag, antenna for live data and a specific laptop, which can be used by more than one national team at the same time.”

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