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FDH Bank launches K10m Zomba Mayor’s tourney

FDH Bank launches K10m Zomba Mayor’s tourney
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FDH Bank has yesterday, 18 May, 2019 donated K10 million to Zomba Mayor’s trophy competition after registering success in a similar competition in Lilongwe.

The tournament features both football and netball competitions, and the main aim of the competition is to create opportunities for youngsters in the country.

The Bank’s Managing Director, William Mpinganjira told a local online media that: “We want to create opportunities for the children of this country together with the council. We know that supporting healthy activities such as this Mayor’s trophy will continue to bring fruitful returns that will multiply far into the future.

“FDH Bank is not a foreigner when it comes to the Mayor’s Trophy events across Malawi. That is because we see more than just the financial aspect. We see the value of such events and how they help societies strive for growth and improvement. FDH Bank views this sponsorship as a big investment into the wellbeing of our young children. FDH Bank brand promise is ‘make growth possible.”

Mpinganira added that: “One interesting fact about growth that I am sure all of you are already aware of is that it is the young ones who grow the quickest. In any given society, the children are the ones with the greatest potential for growth. This is why we at FDH Bank believe it is crucial that we nurture then groom them to pick up good habits that will enable them to grow into productive citizens that will carry on our legacies and build the future of Malawi.”

Zomba City councilor, Christopher Jana, applauded the gesture and hopes the prizes of the tourney will bring change.

“We are very grateful to FDH Bank for this donation and we are sure that this year’s Mayor’s Trophy competition and with the prizes it will bring a change. We are thankful to FDH Bank,” Jana told the online media.

Meanwhile, Kabwabwa Primary School were crowned football champions of the Lilongwe Mayor’s trophy while in the netball category Ngwenya Primary school.

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