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OPC on Civil board’s neck over financial matters

OPC on Civil board’s neck over financial matters
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Office of the President and Cabinet has wrote a letter asking Civil Sporting Club Board of Directors to launch an investigation over the team’s executive committee on assertions of unaccountability in gate revenues and player transfer fees.

The development comes after the allegations of corrupt practices by the executive committee, including the whereabouts of revenue collected from the sale of Righteous Banda to Nyasa Big Bullets.

A local leading Newspaper indicates that the development comes against the background of allegations made by the club’s supporters committee in an open letter to the OPC in which they declared that they had dismissed the entire executive.

Part of the OPC letter dated 13 February, 2019, Signed by Kiston Beni on behalf of the Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara, indicates: “Considering that some of the reasons contain serious allegations, especially those involving failure to account for funds, we call upon your committee to investigate this issue and report to this office within a period of three weeks.

“The supporters have advanced the following reasons as the basis of their decision to have the executive committee dissolved.

“The committee incurred K13 million debts which it has been unable to settle. The committee has not been paying bonuses and signing-on fees. The committee [also] failed to account for money realised through the sale of Righteous Banda amounting to K4 million.”

The Paper also indicates that: “the supporters also allege that the executive committee defrauded the club K4.5 million, claiming it was transfer fee for the Malawi Under-20 striker Peter Banda, who did not sign for the club.”

However Civil Board Chairperson, Moffat Chitimbe, said: “I have not been at the club for the past two weeks because I am away doing field work. I will return over the weekend so by then I believe I will have seen the letter.

“I have no idea. They obviously didn’t copy us the letter. Ideally, they were supposed to come to us first before taking their grievances to the OPC.”

Reacting to the matter, Civo General Secretary, Ronald Chiwaula, but played down the allegations by the supporters.

“The supporters seem not to know how the finances at the club are handled. If they had done thorough analysis they could not have been making those allegations.

“We have been honest in handling the finances. But you must understand that sometimes the resources are not adequate that’s why we fail to pay players’ dues and incur debts,” he said.

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