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Bullets Plans to Buy Scooters for Players

Bullets Plans to Buy Scooters for Players
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Nyasa Big Bullets have announced plans to buy scooters for their players to help them get to training venue in time.

Nyasa Managing director, Cornrad Buckle, said that news in Blantyre on Saturday, April 6 when HTD Malawi unveiled its SYM scooters.

Buckle, who was guest of honour at the ceremony, said the scooters would help the players easily navigate through traffic when going for training.

He said, for a start, the team would purchase scooters for 15 players before buying more for the rest of its squad.

“The coming of the scooters is a very good development for Malawi because they are easy to ride and are fuel-efficient” Buckle said.

He added: “It is our hope that they will help our players to beat traffic and report for training in time.”

HTD Managing Director, Harris Sadik, said the scooters provide modern and stylish means of travel for all classes of people.

Sadik said, in India, scooters are the commonest means of transport as they easily navigate through the traffic.

“With the coming in of the scooters, there is no excuse for Malawians to continue footing. The good thing is that they are easy to ride. Unlike ordinary motorcycles, the scooters do not have gears,” he said.

HTD has also unveiled an arrangement through which firms and individuals could get the scooters on loan payable in 36 months.

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