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Mzuni asked to pay K25, 000 over stadium use

Mzuni asked to pay K25, 000 over stadium use
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Mzuzu Acting University Registrar James Kwilimbe has urged Mzuni Football Club to paying K25, 000 if they want to use the Mzuzu University sports facility for TNM Super League and cup games.

In November 2018, Mzuzu University Management announced that they have stopped sponsoring Mzuni FC due to financial challenges.

The University management also wanted the team to have only the players registered under Mzuzu University.

In a letter dated June 11, 2019 signed by Kwilimbe, the University management agreed that any team or grouping using its stadium must pay an advance charge fee of K25, 000 per training session to cater for maintenance of the facilities.

“It has come to the attention of the management that teams and such other groups that are not under its sponsorship are using the university facilities including sports grounds for free and without seeking authority.

“A case in point is the Ex-Mzuzu University Football Club whose support was discontinued by the Council in November 2018. We will be grateful if the Estates Development Officer enforces this instruction,” reads the statement.

However, Mzuni FC General Secretary, Dunned Chilonga said the University management has not copied the letter officially to the club adding that the letter has been addressed to Estates Development Officer (EDO) and not Mzuni.

“It’s their facility. They have the entire prerogative to put in place measures that can ensure the sustainability of the pitch. That is one of the ways to prolong the life span of the pitch but the letter has been internally addressed to the EDO,” he said.

Chilonga added that the club would continue using the facility by paying K25, 000 adding that if they cannot afford, they would look for other alternatives including using the Football Association of Malawi owned training ground in Luwinga.

Currently, Mzuni FC uses the Mzuzu University as its training ground.

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