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Anthu atopa kumwa Madzi a ‘Walter’

Anthu atopa kumwa Madzi a ‘Walter’
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By Flora Mitumba

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Walter Nyamilandu has said that he cannot be stampeded  by the protests against  his plans to seek a  fourth term when the association goes to the polls in December.

Nyamilandu’s remarks came following protests staged by some supporters against his bid to seek for the fourth term in office.

During Airtel Top 8 finals dozens of supporters wore T-shirts emblazoned with Nyamilandu face and inscribed ‘Walter Must Fall’ and erected placards against Nyamilandu’s bid.

Nyamilandu, reacting to the call made by supporters said he is not intimidated by the supporters stunt despite holding the position for 14 years.

“I won’t succumb to pressure, fear or intimidation. I will make a sober decision and will not be subjected to duress,” challenged Nyamilandu.

The FAM president has come under criticism for his involvement in politics as he was captured wearing a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) beret.

In his defense Nyamilandu said he wore the DPP beret because he likes it.

Initially, Nyamilandu announced that he would not seek a fourth term, but last month Nyamilandu said to have changed his mind saying he will announce his decision in three months.

Nyamilandu has also been criticized for the national team’s failure, having seen the flames only qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals once in 16 years.

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