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Supporters Committee of Be Forward Wanderers are, next week, to make its stand known on their General Secretary Mike Butao on the suspected K124 million TNM airtime dealership fraud, Malawi sport has the story.

Mervin Nkunika, supporters committee Chairperson, said on Wednesday that he could not comment on the Executive committee’s position that all was well and that the matter would be resolved internally.

“For now, supporters are focused on the derby on Saturday at Kamuzu stadium between Wanderers and Bullets. If am to be called again after the game, I would give our position on the matter, “said Nkunika.

Wanderers’ fans demanded the resignation of the General Secretary before the club carried their investigation. Gift Mkandawire, Wanderers Chairperson, insisted in the statement that the GS is on leave. He said the club wants to understand the report from internal investigation, which exposes irregular transaction for the deal that was between Wanderers and TNM but the club never received proceed of airtime re-sell.

“Fans should be assured, the matter is under full control and the processes are perfectly handled. We shall update all direct stakeholders namely, supporters, player, exco and trustees. We are working around the clock to ensure that the team is running smoothly and currently we are in the best form, hence, we shall safeguard any distraction of our attention by ensuring the boys to give us required results, “he said.

Tiya Somba-Bands whose president of Super league of Malawi affiliate of Wonderers said the league was unable to dwell much on the Nomads saga as it has not been furnished a report on the same. He further said they are looking at the positive side of the story, that when they negotiated the league sponsorship with TNM, the company accepted to have the clubs as their dealer and benefit from the same. Suffice to say that there is need for the clubs to strengthen control of finances and operations in general so that they should not find themselves in a situation where they are unable to account for some things because they are entrusted in the hands of few individuals.

Be Forward Wanderers signed the deal with TNM in 2014 and they have, since that year, paid a total of K110 million to the mobile phone company but earnings from the transaction were never remitted to the team.

Butao was collecting the airtime from TNM at a discount supposedly for re-sell by the club at a profit, but he denies wrong doing.

“There is always pressure to pay TNM on monthly basis. The general secretary would communicate that the sponsor would be angry it TNM payment is not honored and this would jeopardize the sponsorship agreement, “the report reads.

However, it is transpired that TNM deals directly with sponsor Be Forward Limited in a separate unrelated business agreement and that it does not involve any other third party as Butao seemed to link the airtime dealership to the sponsor.

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