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Female boxer known as Anisha Bashir has parted ways with her manager Craig Rousseau following reports of disagreements which have not been specified, Malawi sport can reveal.

As per our source Bashir was ready to pull the plug before her World Boxing Council-Silver loss to champion Chantelle Cameron on July 20 in the United Kingdom.

From the source, Bashir put hold her decision to avoid jeopardizing the 10-round tittle contest.

She confirmed the development, saying she was looking for a new manager.

”it is time to move on. A lot of things were happening but I felt I could not make the decision as it had the potential to disturb my fight. I can tell you that things haven’t been okay for some time and I wasn’t surprised that I lost the fight. I didn’t prepare thoroughly because of the troubles in our camp,” said Bashir.

Nonetheless, she was grateful to Rousseau for resurrecting her professional career to eventually win two belts-African Boxing Union (ABU) and Commonwealth lightweight be.

“He has been instrumental in my career to the extent that I won two belts. But sit is time to move on, “said the boxer with eight wins and six defeats.

However, Rousseau contradicted Bashir, saying the boxer left by mutual consent as he is briefly stepping aside from the sports.

“I just want to announce that from today [July 29 2019] Anisha Bashir is no longer a boxer of No Pain No Gain Boxing Promotions. I have been with Anisha for four years. I have supported, groomed and made her a champion. I feel that I have fulfilled what I had to. We have agreed on mutual consent and there is no bad blood. It is time to step aside a bit so that she should look for a new manager and promoter as I concentrate on other business,” he said.

Rousseau cited the ABU and Commonwealth title fights which he facilitated to enable Bashir to win the belts

Lonzoe ‘defect’ Mzimba, President of Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board said the decision should be respected by both parties.

“We can’t force them to work together. This was an agreement between two parties and if parting is the best way, so we should all respect that,” he said.

In the meantime other boxers have left Rousseau’s No Pain No Gain Promotions which includes Wilson Masamba, Charles Misanjo, Israel Kam’mwamba and Limbani Masamba.

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