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Gvt Committed To Promote Sports In The Country-Ndalama

Gvt Committed To Promote Sports In The Country-Ndalama
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By Mc Noel Kasinja

Director of Sports in the Ministry of Sports and Culture Jameson Ndalama has said that they would like to promote sports in the country to ensure that there is mass participation of all Malawians of all ages.

He was speaking during the second Blantyre City Marathon held at the country soccer maker Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

Ndalama said that government key objective to ensure that that they have a healthy population that will effectively take part in various development activities for the country to develop.

“This can be achieved if the country has good infrastructures, well qualified officials good programs and the athletes. Government is investing in programs to identify talents to develop sports,” he said.

He requested companies and individuals of good will to partner with government so that there should be more trophies where people can compete for.

Ndalama said he was happy because there was high turn up and children took part and thanked the Malawi National Council of Sports for introducing the marathon.

Also speaking at the event Acting Executive Secretary for sports council Henry Mereka said he was happy because the marathon achieved its intended purpose of empowering the athletes.

He also said they want to make it an international event where other athletes from other countries should come and compete.

“We are very worried because no one has broken the record, making they are lacking interest for them to improve and we will find ways to encourage them to improve,” he said.

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