MEKE MWASE IN SELF QUARANTINE – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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Meke Mwase who is the head coach for the national team of Malawi the flames is expected to be in self quarantine for 14 days because he is coming from the countries that have been affected by coronavirus.

Mwase arrived in the country yesterday on 17 March from Netherlands where he was doing a short course of coaching from a team of FC UTRETCH, but the course was postponed due to coronavirus.

Mwase is in his house in the city of Blantyre but he has been advised not to meet anybody except the health personnel’s that will be going to his house.

Spokesperson in the ministry of health Joshua Malango confirmed this but said this doesn’t mean Mwase is affected by corona virus as everyone coming from countries affected by coronavirus are undergoing self quarantine.

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