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Malawi Queens has new Coach

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has appointed Peace Chawinga-Kalua as the new Coach for the Malawi Queens replacing Griffin Sayenda whose contract has just expired. In the process NAM has also chosen the netball legend, Mary Waya, to be the Coach for

Malawi queens suffers another defeat

The pride of the nation, Malawi netball queens, have suffered another close defeat at the hands of Australia just this morning. Not given to a perfect run lately, the Queens as they are fondly called by their admirers, lost by 42 baskets to 37. This was t

Malawi Queens whipped

They are, or even were, the hope of the nation. But now, their progress is fast receding and descending into an abyss of underperformance. The Malawi national netball team which has been offering hope to many Malawians and awarding pride in the same has j

Queens punish Tigresses over pregnancy hiding

The Malawi national netball team is said to have punished one of the clubs in the netball sector, Bingu Tigresses, by not including any of their players in their call up to the national team duty. Rumour has it that the decision was arrived at after the t