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A lot has been written and sung about the nationality saga of the WBC- International Light Heavy Weight Champion Isaac Chilemba.
Firstly, it must be noted that Chilemba is a Malawian by origin and he left Malawi for South Africa when he was a young boy for South Africa where he took up a career in boxing.

Chilemba has managed to transform himself into a household name in the boxing circles, and this is evident by the recent spell of success he is enjoying with the fresh defeat of Namibian Vikapita Meroro.

However, I for one was astonished, when a South African flag was flying for Chilemba, yet the commentator insisted on referring to Chilemba as the ‘Malawian boxer’ amid chanting from the ring side fans of “wapalamula chitedze lero, chidzakuyabwa”

Should we conclude that Chilemba is slowly but surely becoming a Zulu boy else is it just a case of seeking fame in a foreign lands.
Much about his boxing success cannot be disputed but home is always best and appreciating your roots is the key to a lasting life.

What I find strange about this saga is the fact that, the Malawi Boxing Association (MABA), seems to have sealed their lips on this and if we (as) Malawians are not careful are likely to lose the ‘Golden Boy’ to South Africa.

Success on the international map is what we as a nation need but it must also go with patriotism.
Chilemba’s saga is one such case that tells of one successful boxer recognised in a foreigner land and yet taken as a commoner in his own country.

MABA needs to rise up from this slumber and sort out Chilemba’s saga once and for all.

Otherwise, I for one and many other followers of Chilemba would not be proud to see a South African flag during Chilemba’s fights or a Zulu anthem for a Malawian boxer.

All in all bravo Chilemba, keep raising the gloves and blows high, making Mother Malawi proud.

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