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World netball Malawi vs Malaysia | Malawi 66 – 35 Malaysia Match report

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Full time: Singapore 33 – 70 South Africa, Malawi 66 – 35 Malaysia. That’s all for tonight folks, join us tomorrow for more fun packed action! Goodnight! #WNC2011


11:00 1 9 B Fiji 40 – 58
Trinidad & Tobago 7
13:15 1 10 D England 74 – 42
Barbados 8
13:15 2 11 A Samoa 57 – 53
Sri Lanka
15:30 1 12 B New Zealand
91 – 21
Wales 9
15:30 2 13 C Jamaica 74 – 23
17:45 1 14 A Australia 75 – 33
N Ireland 10
20:00 1 15 C Singapore 33 – 70
S Africa
20:00 2 16 D Malawi 66 – 35

Day Three: Malawi 66 – 35 Malaysia

This was a match of contrasting styles; Malaysia showing the benefits of the steady, structured approach, while Malawi literally flew into a lead of 31 goals to finish the match 66-35. The latter demonstrated the versatility, agility and unpredictable nature of their play which kept Singapore’s neighbours on their toes.

Malawi move around the court very quickly and the weaving and dipping of the ball to find the spaces was inspiring to watch. Malawi had energy from the minute they stepped foot on the court. A consistently strong defense managed to get nearly every ball under the post, reducing the risk of nearly any faults when putting the ball up.



From the start of the second quarter, the whole Malaysian team ran onto the court with high hopes of reducing the deficit, sadly to face an interception in their first attacking movement in the circle by the Malawi GK, Vimkhumbo.  The superb athleticism from the Malawi team, who currently stand at No 7 in the IFNA world rankings, proved too tough a challenge for the relatively young team from Asia.


Player of the Match: Mwayi Kumwenda (Malawi)

Umpires: Dalton Hinds and Clare McCabe with reserve umpire Rachael Ayre

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