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Malawi ready to beat Nigeria in the World Cup 2014 qualifiers

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The Malawi national team has vowed to burn Nigeria during their World Cup qualifier at the Kamuzu stadium in Blantyre on Saturday.

The Flames’ challenge however, come a background of not winning in eight games with the last four ending in draws.

It also comes when the team has dropped five places on the recent Fifa World ranking.

But Flames coach Kinnah Phiri promised no escape route for the Super Eagles.

Said Kinnah:“I don’t care if Nigeria carries their whole contingent of stars to Blantyre but one thing they should not expect when they come to our home is mercy.

“Football dynamics have changed and I would only be concerned if they were to play with 20 players but as long as it will be only 11 then I can promise them fireworks.

“We are going to give them pound for pound as my players are younger and energetic.

“Our philosophy is to play as a team but Nigeria depends a lot on individual players and that will be their undoing in Malawi.

Meanwhile, local soccer fans are also divided on the prospects of the Flames in a world cup qualifier against the Super Eagles.

Some are optimistic that Flames would defeat their counterparts, while some doubt the Malawi team’s possibility of a win following the teams draws with “small” teams it plays against recently.

Malawi has one point after a draw with Kenya last Saturday in the first World Cup qualifier match.

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