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Malawi loses to South Africa 47-43

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Malawi netball team lost to South Africa 47-43 in the final Diamond Netball Series match played on Saturday in Pretoria, South Africa.
Malawi South Africa
1st Quarter 12 10
2nd Quarter 11 12
3rd Quarter 9 14
4th Quarter 11 11
Final Score 43 47

Finals match: Malawi vs South Africa detailed scores

Malawi, the #1 team in Africa have been undefeated in three round robin games but were slow in the finals match with South Africa.

Malawi won the first quarter but missed many chances in the second and third quarters giving South Africa the room to dictate play.

The third quarter was where the match was lost as Malawi failed to find usual rhythm and traction on ball with Kumwenda missing the target and lost the quarter 14-9.

In the final quarter, Malawi worked to win the match but South Africa’s defence was tight and the quarter finished 11-11.

On Friday, Malawi played a superb match to defeat South Africa 47-42 and many fans felt let down by Saturday’s performance.

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