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Arsene Wenger: I won’t sell my players to United anymore

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted that even if Ferguson’s interested in his players, he is now not willing to sell anyone of them to Manchester United.

Robin van Persie returned to Emirates first time after his move to Manchester United and has enjoyed a fantastic first season. He scored against his former club, Arsenal in both the meetings. Though, he was a key striker for Arsenal before his move, he got a mixed reception which explained fans’ frustration over his sale.

Speaking after the match, Arsene Wenger spoke to Telegraph about the importance of his side’s final matches this season:

“We are in a position where we cannot drop points, we know that, but the other teams are in the same position. If we win our games it will be enough and I’m convinced we will be there.”

When asked about whether or not he knew if Sir Alex Ferguson was interested in any more of his players, Arsene Wenger told that even if Fergie’s interested, he will not sign any Arsenal players anymore.

Wenger said: “ “I don’t know but he will not sign them from us.”

The french manager went on to discuss the Van Persie situation as well as the Guard of Honor that was heavily discussed in the buildup to the match. “He [Van Persie] is in our dressing room because the food is better in our dressing room,” Wenger joked. “I didn’t talk to him. I just saw that when I moved out of my office that he was with the players. We are rivals but look, at the end of the day, we decided to sell him. You want us to make a guard of honour and to respect the champions but you have to accept as well that respect exists after the game.

“You want to give absolutely everything for the 90 minutes and after the game you can still talk to each other. I think our defenders didn’t make life easy for him at all. We played with great commitment.”

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