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‘I have always been bad-mouthed by certain individuals in DPP’, says Chimunthu

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Speaker of Parliament, Henry Chimunthu Banda who is challenging Peter Mutharika for DPP presidency at the forthcoming convention has said there are people in the party who are desperate for power.

In a newspaper interview, Chimunthu refused to respond to attacks from DPP officials royal to Mutharika, saying they should be viewed as signs of desperation for power.

However, said Chimunthu “there is information in the public domain to the effect that I have always been bad-mouthed by certain individuals in the party even when the late president Bingu wa Mutharika was alive.”

He also talked of a leaked audio from MIJ Radio which Peter Mutharika was heard foul-mouthing Chimunthu on tribal tonnes.

“There is documentary evidence to that effect. But as if that was not enough, last year, my detractors generated a story that I have sold five houses to raise money for my DPP presidential campaign. Today, the story is that I have been given money to destabilise the party. This is very laughable! And I can foresee more propaganda statements coming up as we approach the 17th of April,” Chimunthu is quoted in the Nation of Sunday/

“I will not be deterred from achieving my set goal of offering the much-needed leadership to the only political party that I helped to form and I am its trustee. I am determined to offer my services against all odds for the furtherance of its ideals. As such, I have no ill feelings against colleagues who are peddling unfounded stories in the run-up to the convention. I take it that that’s the strategy they have opted for,” he said.

Chimunthu said DPP need to “carry out an honest analysis of the party’s strengths and weaknesses. Difficult questions must be asked and to which we must provide honest responses. By so doing, we shall show that we are not only democratic but progressive as well.”

He said DPP members at constituency, district, regional and National Governing Council levels are geared towards ushering in new leadership at the helm of the party.

Chimunthu Banda said he wants to create “non-personalised leadership” and identify himself with the people as “a servant leader”, saying his style of leadership acknowledges the fact that he is simply the first amongst.

Fast facts:

Chimunthu Banda, 51, comes from Chipembere Village, T/A Kanyenda in Nkhotakota, and is married to Felistace, with whom he has a girl and two boys.

He holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Metropolitan University.

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