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Premier League’s Top 5 Creative Players

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Every goal needs some creativity, and every team needs some special players to create goal-scoring opportunities. Luckily, Premier League is blessed with those special players. So, Hamro Football analyses the Top 5 Creative  players in the Premier League this season.

1. Leighton Baines (Everton) : 97 chances created

Everton v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League

Everyone must have expected some wingers, strikers or attacking midfielder in the top position. But, the most creative player in Premier league is infact a left-back.  Leighton Baines has created the most chances in the league, an eye-watering 97 opportunities  from his gifted left-foot.

He’s provided five league assists, and it’s his set-piece delivery that gives him the consistent platform to create chances. And he’s equally as effective in the left-flank , whipping crosses in the middle.

2.  David Silva (Manchester City) : 89 chances created

Manchester City v Fulham - Premier League

David Silva has certainly failed to live up to the expectations following a superb Premier League-winning 2011-12 season. But the Spaniard has provided 89 goal scoring opportunities this season, more than enough for most strike forces. So, he is successful to stay in the 2nd position defeating his other competitors.

3 . Luis Suarez (Liverpool) : 85 chances created


A stat strong enough to support Suarez’s candidacy for Player of the Year. Because if being the Premier League top scorer is not enough, the Uruguayan forward has also laid on a whopping 85 chances. He has been never far from controversy, but his brilliancy with the ball has helped him cover the 3rd position in our standings.

4. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) : 82 chances created

Aston Villa v Liverpool - Premier League

It is often said that ‘Form is temporary, Class is permanent’. This line completely suits The Reds skipper. His age doesn’t seem to bother his performance and has been laying chance after chance and if his Liverpool colleagues had utilized most of them, then they certainly would also have been challenging the top 4 spot.

5. Santi Cazorla ( Arsenal ) : 76 chances created


The Arsenal’s fan favourite has very much settled with the pace of Premier League in his very first season . His two-footed brilliance, vision and swift passing makes him one of the most entertaining player to watch in Europe. He has been the main- man for the Gunners and his 76 created chances make him one of the most creative player in the Premier League.

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