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Fake Flames tickets on market#Malawi

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A syndicate of unscrupulous tricksters producing fake tickets and selling them to unsuspecting soccer fans, who want to watch the Flames World
Cup qualifiers at Kamuzu Stadium, has been uncovered.

The innocent people that bought the fake tickets were turned away at Kamuzu Stadium last week when the Flames drew against Namibia. Though almost the same as original tickets, the fake tickets have some security features missing.

Southern Region Police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa said they were aware of the development.

“That issue was handled by Football Association of Malawi. But this time we will work with them closely to make sure we arrest the culprits,” he said.

Fam also confirmed that there are such tickets on the market.

“We know that some people are producing some fake tickets. We know where they are selling them,” Fam commercial manager Casper Jangale said.

“The police are aware of it and these people will be brought to justice. We cannot reveal what we are going to do but we are aware of everything.”

Jangale has since advised people to buy tickets at authorized selling outlets to avoid buying the fake tickets.

“Most of the people that bought the fake tickets are the ones that did not go to authorized outlets and were desperate to get a ticket on the day of the game and they ended up meeting these tricksters,” he said.

Fam has introduced 11 ticket selling points in Blantyre. Jangale hinted that they would use similar system for this week’s World Cup game between the Flames and Kenya’s Harambee Stars.

The tickets started selling on Monday morning at Mkango Lodge, Stimella Investments in Mbayani, Metro in Chilomoni, God is Good General Dealers in Nancholi, Mtonga B Shop in Chilobwe, Intosports at Chichiri Shopping Mall, Chowe Village Shop in Zingwangwa, Blantyre Market Shop number three, Home of kits at Limbe Market, Banja Grocery in
Bangwe and Thompex Hardware at Ndirande market.

The tickets are also available at Kamuzu Stadium, Blantyre Youth Centre and at Fam Technical Development Centre in Chiwembe. Fam has also made tickets available in Lilongwe and Zomba.

VIP ticket is at K10,000 whereas a ticket for the covered stands has been pegged at K5,000. At MBC Stand, spectators will have to cough K2,500 while open stands tickets are at K1000. – By Joy Ndovi

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