TNM TO CONTINUE PROMOTING SUPPORTER MAPETO DURING OFF SEASON – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) has announced that it will continue promoting the Sapota Mapeto promotion which helps TNM super league teams generate revenue.

The promotion, which was launched at the beginning of the season, will conclude on January 24 despite the TNM Super League closing next week.

Speaking to TNM public relations and sponsorship manager Limbani Nsapato said the promotion will run up to January 25 2015 and that it was a deliberate decision so as to help clubs get revenue while off season.

“We do recognise that events in Sapota Mapeto are driven by events on the pitch but nevertheless as pointed out earlier on, the teams shall need this revenue even much more than they needed it during the season,” he said.

“During the season the clubs are able to tap other sources of revenue like gate collections but off season they still have to sustain the welfare of the players but they are no longer able to get gate collections. Sapota Mapeto will therefore help them get some revenue during off season,” Nsapato said.

We are hoping to sustain the momentum during off-season bearing in mind that teams will have to look after their players’ during-off season and without proceeds from gate-collections, this promotion will help, said Nsapato.

“Sapota Mapeto was able to make a difference in the welfare of several teams that have been active in the promotion. They got some relief from the revenue made from Sapota Mapeto.”

So far Sapota Mapeto has fetched Big Bullets FC an astounding K7.8 million from 245 100 hits while arch rivals Mighty Nomad Wanderers got K3.3 million from 117 730 hits.

Trailing in third position is Silver Strikers who earned K1.14 million from 40 916 hits.

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