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Information sourced by Faceofmalawi indicates that one of the football power house in the country Mighty Wanderers has secured sponsorship from BE Forward Company-the Japanese Car dealer.

The news comes barely a month of speculations on the deal.

Mighty Wanderers have outclassed their long time arch-rival Big Bullets FC and Epac FC who were scrambling for the sponsorship.

Inside sources from Nomads club who confided to FOM said the deal will completed this week at the offices of the Japanese Ambassador to Malawi and when all is done, the team will be called BE Forward Mighty Wanderers.

It is understood that the Japanese company will be splashing K66 Million a year to the struggling Lali Lubani giants.

Commenting on the matter , one of the soccer analyst in the country Charles Nyirenda welcomed the move, saying the news will revive the dwindling football in the Southern Region.

Nomads has been running of sponsorship for close to two year and BE-Forward sponsorship is relief to the club.

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