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The football Association of Malawi (FAM) has raised the gate fee for the upcoming game which will be hosted at Kamuzu stadium in Blantyre, between Big Bullets and Fomboni Football Club (FC) by 100 % percent.

This was revealed after the interviewed one of the FAM officials Casper Jangale who agreed on the development and assured Malawians that all is set for the Bullets and Fomboni FC game.

“We are working hand in hand with the team (Bullets) and we have come to agree that the gate fee should be adjusted with 100 percent which represents that in the open stand people will pay 1000 Kwacha while in the covered or VIP stand they will pay 10,000 kwacha,” Jangale said.

He however, added that this is so because it’s obvious that the gate fair at Kamuzu stadium is 500 Kwacha for the open stand and 5000 Kwacha covered stand, hence the game at hand is an International one which will attract more fans and tight security.

“The fee has been set to help the People’s team to attain its financial status as currently they are struggling for sponsorship; however as FAM we have seen that we should do this to assist our teams reach the international platform,” he said.

However the issue has brought mixed reaction between Bullets fans as others are saying that they are okay with the fee hence they are looking forward to see their team punishing Fomboni FC while others are saying the amount is too much hence a punishment to supporters.

“We pay more money just to watch a music or poet show, what about the team that I support? Am ready to lose a million just to watch the game,” said one of the supporters Chipililo Chimtengo.

Another supporter said he is worried because people are used to the past fairs hence the game will be attended by less people.

“Bullets FC is not supported by rich people hence they need to consider such factor when settling for the gate fairs,” said Dyson Phiri one of the fan.

Bullets FC beat Fomboni FC 1-0 at their own backyard in Comoros over the weekend, thanks to a late goal scored by Tizgobele Kumwenda.

The win has increased the People’s team chances of qualify to the next round of CAF Champions League.

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