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As preparations are underway for a match between Big Bullets (BB) and Fomboni FC, supporters have expressed their mind on the game.

A vox-pop carried out by in Blantyre have shown that tomorrow’s game will be a bomb as some Malawians have shown their interest to support Fomboni than BB.

Mighty Be-Forward Wonderers and Blantyre United fans have taken their side by saying that they will support Fomboni FC.

In an interview, fan Yona Green Malunga has said that he can never support their rival team BB no matter what as such he will vie for the foreign team.

“I have never dressed Red and White in My Life hence in Tomorrow’s game I will support the Mighty Fomboni for am sure they will punish BB,” Malunga Said.

He however added by challenging that he will never back down on his decision as his mind is already made up.

“I am betting that if anyone wants to challenge me let him come with his Two Million kwacha, a house and a car for am ready to loose these properties, if Bullets wins,” Malunga said while smiling.

In response BB technical director Billy Tewetsa said he cannot believe that people can be as heartless as some Malawians that are vying for Fomboni despite BB carrying Malawian Flag.

“Am surprised that some people can be senseless, instead of them giving us supporting they are busy chanting that they will support a foreign team, it is unbelievable indeed,” Tewetsa said.

Tewetsa assured BB fans that whether others like it or not they are ready to punish Fomboni FC.

“We will disgrace them and they know that BB is the master of all,” said Tewetsa.

BB will be meeting Fomboni FC tomorrow at Kamuzu stadium in Blantyre in aCAF Champions League with 1-o in aggregate.

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