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Big Bullets team manager Kondi Msungama has warn some people who are spreading false rumors on the teams affairs.

Kondi who referred the people as Jealous fools who are misleading BB fans on the on going development happening in the club said he is not happy with the act.

Msungama said the genesis of the story started before they left for Comoros Island, when they head that some BB supporters were spreading rumors that the team is panic hence it is by the grace of the almighty if they will travel to the place.

“They call them selves our supporters but instead of being with us they are busy making unnecessary noise, we are really tired of them and it is high time we expose them,” he said.

In addition, Kondi said he knows the people but he does not want to reveal their names as doing so is like revealing the club’s privacy.
“We are not ignorant and we know them hence as a team we are ready to face them and track them down”.

Do we have to remind you that we are the Zambezi Challenge cap, and the TNM Champions League mafias? I don’t think that is necessary but you just have to know that we are the masters of all times,” Msungama boosted.

Commenting on the same issue some BB supporters have expressed their disappointments with the act as they said that such act is disgusting and is not allowed in the people’s team.

One of the BB fans, who identified himself as Macdonald Chilambo, said he is not happy with the act as saying so is just making the team to yield bad grade.

“How can someone think of that? I guess he is insane, because at this moment the team need more support from us and not despising the team,” Chilambo said.

Msungama warned that if the people keep on doing their act they have no option but to deal with them in a special way that they will never forgot in their entire life.

“They are just wasting their time because as they are busy speeding these rumours, we are not going back but we will still excel forward,” the Manager said.

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