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Central West Education Division manager has called upon all stake holders from both Malawi and international to support their league.

The league, which caters for Malawi’s primary, secondary schools, recently hosted a tournament whose Budget was more than Two Million Kwacha.

Speaking during the presiding over of the awards to schools that made to the first position at Likuni Girls in the capital city, the manager, Joseph Nkhata, pleaded with companies and organizations to help the league as it aims at supporting Malawian sports.

“As we all know that most Malawian players were identified in this league hence we thought it wise to promote it in order to identify more players” Nkhata said.

Nkhata, said that the other reason of hosting the tournament is to help the youths make new friends and adopt good moral behavior.

“We all know that our children are prone to adopt bad behaviors such as smoking, drinking which might read to drug addiction, unwanted pregnant and the like, as such this league will help our children to be on the safe side it they be busy with sports,” said Nkhata.

In an interview with one of the officials’ Lackson Malamula, said they are yet to introduce other sports disciplines such as, athletics, Volleyball just to mention a few.

“If they were more support as the manager has said, the league could have been flooded with more sports discipline,” He said.

Malamula, however, added that the recent money was sourced from well wishers hence they are still looking for more funds from the stake holders.

“We are happy that we registered more schools this year, hence we look upon in the next year for more support and more regions to take part in the league” he said.

The league caters for both girls and boys as it host both Netball and Football.

The league is only for the central region and is hosted by many schools from the same region. This year the organization registered about 198 schools and six made it to the finals.

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