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Mighty Be-forward Wanderers coach, Eliah Kananji, has blamed its team for lack of coordination and love among players.

The revelation has come after wanderers lost 3-2 to red lions in last Saturday’s game.

In an interview, Kananji said is disappointed with how players are doing as they seem like they are not ready to work together.

“I expected coordination and tolerance among players, an act which is proving futile as old players are finding it difficult to work with the new players,” Kananji said.

With high hopes to win the match, Kananji also noted that the failure has arisen because the players have different skills and techniques as the come from different teams.

“New players have shown different styles on the ground in scoring, attacking and passing the ball to each other. This simply shows I have a huge task to change such skills so I can bring uniformity among them,” he said.

On his part, the team’s technical director Yasin Osman, said he is delighted to see how the team is progressing hence tracing cracks the team is having.

“we cannot back down simply because we lost in a friendly match, we are still finding ways to make our team better by organizing small matches like the one we had with the red lions,” explained Osman.

With new goal keepers like Peter Muthali and Alex Makina, new players like Wilson Magombo, Tedi Zumani, Jimmy Zakazaka, John Banda and Allan Tembo. Kananji said he used them in the match to see their abilities.

“in coming weeks, it will be fine as these players will know each other well and I am promising that the next match the team will do better,” Kananji said.

It was their first defeat hence the wanderers are preparing to meet silver strikers.

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