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Barely a day after Football Association of Malawi (FAM) announced that it had has hired a British technical consultant [Andy Dell], that coaches Young Chimodzi and Jack Chamangwana seem to be baffled by the new development.

Malawi-Sports catching up with assistant coach Jack Chamangwana, on Monday after arriving from the Flames’ trip to Zambia where they lost 2-0 to Chipolopolo boy,  expressed surprise when asked to comment on working with the British consultant in 2017 Africa Cup of Nations campaign.

“It’s difficult to comment now because we don’t know anything about the consultant,” Chamangwana said.

“We can only competently comment on this once we are officially told about the consultant. Otherwise, we have not been told anything and we are only reading about this in the newspapers.”

His statement is contrary to what Fam said that the idea of hiring a consultant was actually discussed at a Fam technical committee meeting.

But Fam president Walter Nyamilandu yesterday insisted that the coaches were aware of the move to hire Dell.

“The idea was discussed with the coaches during the technical meeting. But they will be officially briefed upon arrival because we needed the executive committee to first approve,” Nyamilandu said.

The Fam boss, however, pointed out that there was no need to get the coaches’ nod before engaging Dell.

“We don’t need a ‘buy-in’ from the coaches because the consultant is coming for a specific assignment,” he said.

“His report and advice will be critical to us going forward. While assessing and evaluating the team, he will be at the disposal of the coaches. It will be up to the coaches to solicit his advice.’

Nyamilandu further said the consultant was crucial since Fam needed an independent assessment of the coaches.

“We also need a fair assessment of their (coaches) performance bearing in mind that their contracts are up for renewal,” he said.

“Fam and Malawi government will need to make an informed decision when considering whether to renew their contracts.”

Nyamilandu also defended the decision to bring in a consultant rather than leaving that to the technical director Johh Kaputa.

“Using the TD for this exercise would kill grassroots football development programmes,’ he said.

“As we speak, he (Kaputa) is holding a meeting with Malawi Schools Sports Association in the company of Fifa Youth Development Officer as regards the formation of under-15 youth league.”

He also dismissed fears that the consultant would take over the coaches’ jobs.

“So, the coaches must not feel insecure. They have a contract with Malawi government and Fam,” he said.

“We are doing this for the coaches’ own good. So they must embrace the initiative. No man is an island and no-one can claim to know it all in football. I am sure they also need help.”

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