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Surestream Football Academy closed

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surestreamBy Duncan Mlanjira

The Chilomoni-based Surestream Football Academy has been closed after four years of operation that saw it produce one exciting team Wizards that graced the top flight football league in Malawi, the TNM Super League for one season.

In a press statement issued on Monday, February 22, the Academy’s Managing Director K. Robinson the main reasons for the closure was that Surestream Petroleum is no longer the operator of the licence for any oil exploration blocks in Malawi and also coupled with the ever decreasing price of oil in the world markets.

“Surestream Petroleum would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters over the last four years, in particular the Football Association of Malawi for the unwavering support over the lifetime of the Academy,” the statement said.

“We must also thank the Ministry of Sport and Youth Development for their vision and championing of the concept of a Youth Academy in the early days of its development. We genuinely could not have operated the academy without the unequivocal support of those organisations.

“As part of our legacy to Malawi football we will return the former MDC Stadium to Fam in superb condition. It is not unarguably one of the best small stadiums in Malawi, Surestream having invested well in excess USD250,000 in its restoration and upkeep.

“The company feel honoured to have been the custodians of this facility foor so long. We sincerely hope it will be maintained in its current condition to the exclusive benefit of Malawi football,” Robinson said in the press statement.

The facility, formerly known as MDC Stadium, was home to MDC United, one of the best teams in the top flight football league.

MDC United, the Soccer Saints, produced top class players such as Brian Malowe Ndau, Gerald ‘Yellowman’ Phiri, Dave Banda, Chiza Nyirongo, Frank Sinalo, Lovemore Fazili, Kachibowo Malunga, John Dzimbiri, Hendrix Banda and many others.

After the government-owned Malawi Development Corporation (MDC) pulled out its sponsorship and was subsequently liquidated , the facility was handed over to Fam by the government, which in turn leased it off to Surestream Petroleum to be converted into an academy.

Surestream indeed transformed it into a state-of-the-art football facility but solely for the development of young talent and not to be used as a competitive match stadium as was before.

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