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Demolishing Kamuzu Stadium is a good idea  

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An immense investment went to waste which was meant towards the refurbishment of Kamuzu Stadium. Today, the facility is just as ugly as it has been for many years that prompted even Confederation of African Football (Caf) to declare it a huge safety risk.

All the stands, except one, were demarcated for safety reasons. For some reasons, the powers that be, even after Caf had declared the stadium a safety risk, decided to rehabilitated the facility with floodlights.

For God’s sake, yes, the facility needs floodlights, but I always reckoned that floodlights are the part of any stadium engineering plans after all the necessary safety aspects have been accounted for.

If Kamuzu Stadium needed to be seriously rehabilitated because of safety concerns, the last part could have been the floodlights. But we started with the floodlights!!!!

Anyway, President Peter Mutharika says Kamuzu Stadium should be demolished and rebuilt. That’s a brilliant idea but please don’t start with floodlights.

There is plenty of land around Kamuzu Stadium which is a big waste and a haven for night thugs. The powers that be must also think of proper parking space which is not provided for at the moment.

The authorities must also work hand in hand with Hockey Association of Malawi (Ham), who were given access to the land which was known as Upper Stadium.

Ham id planning to have an artificial turf at this land, in line with hockey’s modern development. If Ham is assisted by the government to complete their ambitious plans of having their own facility, the sport can develop further from there.

Inside the stadium, there is an athletics track, which can be converted into astro-turf. It also has a cycling track, which can also be modernised.

At the same time, the authorities must also consider to provide other sports equipment for discus, javelin, high jump, archery and several other Olympic sports disciplines that can be utilised at the new stadium in Lilongwe and at the eventual refurbished Kamuzu Stadium.

There are many wonders that can be performed at Kamuzu Stadium as well as the new stadium in Lilongwe. I hope the government has learnt a huge lesson on the Lilongwe project where the Chinese constructors struggled because of theft by the very same employees who were hired.

The stadium is reportedly cannot be opened because some areas have not been completed, all because the contractors could not afford because of theft from its employees.

Once the refurbishment of Kamuzu Stadium starts, the government must make sure that the whole process is well secured to deter theft by public servant which is common during any construction project in Malawi.

It’s sad that we steal from ourselves. The stadium in Lilongwe is our own, the people were not stealing from the Chinese constructors, they were stealing from their own government.

So, my President Peter Mutharika, walk your talk by rehabilitating Kamuzu Stadium. Leave a legacy for yourself that you can open. Not what your brother Bingu did, but what you can do yourself.

If you will not open it yourself, at least someone else will just like how you will do it for the Lilongwe national stadium, which I hear is called Bingu Stadium.

Yes, let’s demolish Kamuzu Stadium and rebuilt it but for heaven’s sake never ever change its name and don’t start with floodlights.



and the best way of rectifying everything is just to demolish the stands and build a completely new stadium.

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