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Sponsors Nyasa summon Big Bullets

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By Duncan Mlanjira

Big Bullets sponsors, Nyasa Manufacturing Company, has summoned the team’s board of trustees, the team’s executive committe and supporters to an emergency meeting on Monday the 14th March 2016 at the Nyasa Offices Board Room at 4.30 pm following the in-house wrangles that’s rocking the club.

In a strongly worded letter written by the sponsors’ chairman Konrad Buckle, dated 10th March, 2016, asks the presence chairman of the Trustees; the general secretary of the Trustees; the executive committee; the supporters executive committee and the the team captains.

“We trust you will coordinate so that all the people will be present at the meeting,” Bucle said in the letter. “Please treat this with the urgency and importance it deserves. We are in business and we will not be dictated by football politics of a few individuals.

“Be informed that our lawyers will also be in attendance as this formally institutes a first warning to the sponsorship deal as it is a serious breach of the contract.”

Buckle said the sponsors have been following events surrounding the club in the media newsprint and the social media and “as the chairman of Nyasa, I am very concerned with the bad publicity the team is getting, which is directly affecting us as a partner”.

“We have done our research, and we have realised that that there is in fighting between the executive members and all of you know, that weak members creates a weak club.

“We have privately discussed this pertinent issue with  several neutral parties and we beleive that this in fighting between the current chairman, Sadik Malinga, Alex Kondwe, Peter Mandiza and Noel Lipipa is detrimental to the club  management, welfare and future of this amazing football team. The bad publicity and infighting is very clear in the contract – its a breach of the contract (with serious consequences).

“The reason that Nyasa selected BB for  sponsorship is because we believe in the club, the current chairman and the brand.We were also aware that for  last ten or eleven years nobody wanted to sponsor BB for exactly the same reasons,INFIGHTING AND LACK OF LEADERSHIP.

“The corporate world does not trust the leadership of the team. As we mentioned during the launch we came in because of the current leadership – the Chairman, Mr. Sammy Chilunga because we believe in his leadership and business skills, above all his integrity. He sold us the business plan and we entered into a venture. There were many hours of discussions as is required of any business venture. In addition, the Football Association of Malawi gave a strong reference to his credentials and capabilities which we saw when he came alone to negotiate the sponsorship deal.

“Let me remind you that Nyasa Manufacturing Company is a brand and we would not want our brand to be affected or associated by such infighting, lack of discipline and lack of expertise to manage a business.

“We therefore would like to warn your Board and Executive Committee that you risk the embarrassment of  losing another sponsorship if this does not stop and the current leadership and contractual obligations are not supported.

“One of the PRIMARY conditions that contributed to the sponsorship was that we demanded for a strong Finance Committee – people with qualifications, experience and integrity because we noted that this was the missing link lacking in the team – the team had no budget nor accounts for the past years.

“In addition, we requested for an office of the team where a Chief Executive Officer and Accountant will be based – to manage the affairs of the team in a clear and transparent way. All this was to ensure that the club is being run as a business and not volunteers and people who lack expertise.Currently there are no funds to pay wages,and this immediately after a international game that has brought in revenue for the club and pride to the nation.

“We have mentioned these things for you to understand that for us its not business as usual. The vast sum of the sponsorship requires total reform and transformation, to enable the peoples team to achieve greater heights for its sponsors,management and the nation.

“Our analysis have showed that the bad publicity from the print media is one sided and pre meditated. Did you as a Board consider this or ask why?

“As you know, this is a partnership of which we are contributing vast sums of money and resources and we are failing to see  the benefit with this turmoil.
There is now a cloud of doubt regarding this investment. – our sales have declined in the past weeks due to the ongoing  negative publicity.

“Regrettably, It seems nothing has changed regarding the management  and welfare of the peoples team and the blatant misuse of club earnings and funds.”

Recently, Nyasa Big Bullets’ board of trustees chairman James Busile condemned what the team’s chairman Sam Chilunga said when he openly accused of some of his fellow executive committee members of trying to frustrate his plans and decisions.

Chilunga reportedly challenged his fellow executive committee members when he addressed some of the team’s fans last week.

Chilunga reportedly accused that the said executive committee members are bringing confusion by frustrating his efforts such as questioning the rationale of giving the team’s players 60 percent of the prize money after winning the 2015 TNM Super League title and the hiring of Franco Ndawa as coach.

Busile told the media that Chilunga was wrong in using that podium to wash dirty linen happening in the People’s Team, which can fuel tension in that happy family.??????????????????????

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