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Very unfortunate misunderstandings in Bullets

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Nyasa Big Bullets’ board of trustees chairman James Busile has rightly condemned what the team’s chairman Sam Chilunga said when he openly accused of some of his fellow executive committee members of trying to frustrate his plans and decisions.

Chilunga reportedly challenged his fellow executive committee members when he addressed some of the team’s fans last week.

Chilunga reportedly accused that the said executive committee members are bringing confusion by frustrating his efforts such as questioning the rationale of giving the team’s players 60 percent of the prize money after winning the 2015 TNM Super League title and the hiring of Franco Ndawa as coach.

Busile told the media that Chilunga was wrong in using that podium to wash dirty linen happening in the People’s Team, which can fuel tension in that happy family — and he is very right.

Running club football is team effort. The executive committee is voted in by the fans to run the affairs of the club jointly and if there is dissent from some of the members in any plan, then it has to be reviewed again until a consensus is agreed.

That’s the problem, or is it the beauty, of democracy — everyone’s opinion and contribution must be taken into consideration and jointly agree to one common good.

In any elected board like that of the Bullets football team, every member has equal powers but one is elected to be chairman to act as the figure head. Chilunga is the figure head and if there is a decision that has been made, it’s not Chilunga’s but that of the whole executive committee.

In a board, the chairman is not supposed to say it was my decision but ‘our decision’ and that should come from an executive committee meeting — supported by minutes.

In the absence of minutes, which are supposed to substantiate decisions made by the executive committee, then it really becomes the çhairman’s decision and if I was part of that committee I would definitely disassociate myself from such a decision if it is not in the interest of the people I represent.

However, it’s the tendency of every human being to publicly disassociate themselves from certain decision if they have been taken to account by the powers that be. But sometimes, evil intentions of public holders vent their frustrations through the media.

But officials tend to reveal in-house matters through the media when the leadership behaves in a dictatorial manner. I don’t know if Chilunga has dictatorial traits but he has shown some by declaring publicly that he would ‘deal’ with those who are frustrating his plans.

What Chilunga should have said — or what I would have said — if taken to account with what is happening in my board is to say a decision was made by the executive committee and these are the minutes and if there are some members who are still not comfortable with this, then the best way is to take it back to the executive for fresh scrutiny.

Uttering statements like ‘I will deal with them’ is not the best way of solving dissent views.

Mr. Chilunga, you have something excellent that is happening in the Bullets family — don’t destroy it by uttering statements in public that would fuel unnecessary tension.

You have the whole league to look up to in the defence of the TNM Super League and this in-house feud is something you don’t need right now. Let Busile and his fellow trustees bring you together.

Did I hear you say Amen?

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