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Appeals Committee faults Sulom

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By Duncan Mlanjira

The appeals committee has determined that Dedza Young Soccer should honour the play-offs to determine the16th team of the upcoming TNM Super League.

But at the same time, the committee finds Sulom “guilty of fundemental breach of its own internal resolution mechanism by attempting to go ahead with the play offs without hearing out Dedza Young Soccer”.

“It is a long establishment principle of natural justice to give every concerned party a right to be heard in matters affecting that party,” the verdict read.

However, the committee deermines that Sulom executive has powers to make a determination on the criteria of how to determine the 16th team and correctly made the decision by suggesting the play offs.

“Sulom should reschedule the remaining play off matches herein as soon as reasonably possible and must allow Dedza Young Soccer to participate in order to determine the 16th team.

“Result of the game already played between Wizards and Airborne Rangers, which was concluded before the play offs were suspended by order on injunction will stand and count as the first match of the play offs.”

The commitee then decided to take Sulom to task by saying it handled the whole process unprofessional.

“The manner in which Sulom business was conducted smacks of a lack of professionalism on the part of the executive,” the verdict said.

“Sulom could certainly have done better in the way minues of meetings were taken and distributed to the affiliates (there was evidence that minutes were never circulated at all) and in the manner general correspondent was drafted.

“It is about time Sulom invested heavily in a fully-fledged secretariat composed of properly qualified and professional staff to be handing the corporate side of matter as opposed to letting well meaning elected officiala who are, unfortunately, full time employees elsewhere do the day to day running of the institution.

“If Sulom does not do so, then the dream of turning the TNM Super League into a professional league will remain just that, a dream, ” the verdict said.

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