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Jaffalie Chande who was banned from playing in Mighty Be Forward Wanderers, is also ordered to stop training in any of these two teams, following his move to dump Nyasa Big Bullets.

Chande’s disagreement with Nyasa Big Bullets F.C. on duration of his contract has been controversial case over weeks.

Following two meetings held on 5th and 12th April 2016, the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) in conjunction with the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) aimed at finding sorting out this case.

However, FAM has managed to gather enough information and documents that will be passed on to the Disciplinary Committee to determine the future of this matter. In the meantime, the player will wait for the determination before returning to the field of play. It is expected that the FAM’s Disciplinary Committee will meet in due course to determine the issue at hand.

As currently stands, Chande will wait for the determination before returning to the field of play. He also suppose not to train in any of these two clubs.

“I have been ordered not to train with any other team. It’s like killing my career,” said Chande.

However, Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao said his club is surprised that the issue has been referred to the disciplinary committee instead of FAM make the ruling.

Butao appeared also to be concern about how Chande is being harassed by Police and Bullets Supporters.

The police have summoned Chande three times now and on Monday they were releasing him on bail and he should appear before court on the 14th without indicating which month or which court. What does this tell the nation? What is the crime, changing teams after expiry of contract? Does Mr Mwamadi or Bullets’ influence extend that far that player can be arrested without the due legal process? Are FAM aware of this? Has chande already been found in contravention, Chande has been harassed enough,” worried Butao.


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