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Dedza young Soccer has lost the case against playoffs as the court fall in line with Super league of Malawi (sulom) to proceed with playoffs.

Sulom has now ordered to reschedule the remaining two matches between Dedza young Soccer Saints and the other two relegated teams’ airborne rangers and wizards.

Over past weeks the sulom made a rule that Dedza young Soccer should participate in playoffs. Wizards beat Airborne 1-0 in the first game before Dedza rushed to seek an injunction restraining that they diverse to take up the 16th position automatically.

Sulom has also been ordered to foot the expenses of the wizards and Airborne during the play-offs.

Dedza Young Soccer saints, who can appeal to Football Association of Malawi, has also urged to vacate the injunction by consent.

Williams Banda who represented Sulom in this case, said Sulom was satisfied with the ruling while Harold M’mora who represented Dedza Young Soccer said they had not yet received the ruling.

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