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The patience of Be Forward Wanderers is running out every dot of second with the way Football Assocition of Malawi (FAM) is handling the disciplinary case of midfielder Jaffalie Chande and Nyasa Big Bullets.

This case of Chande has been bouncing up and down over many weeks without being settled, which make Wanderers be fed up with FAM. Following that, the general secretary of Wanderers, Mike Butao accused FAM of double standards.

“Why is FAM silent on the issue of Nyasa Big Bullets officials taking this football matter to court when they are quick to condemn and discipline others for similar offences? Why the double standards,” astounded Butao.

Butao believed that if the case was being investigated by Sulom, it should have been resolved a long time ago.

However, Butao’s speech was the reaction to the words of Suzgo Nyirenda, the FAM general secretary, who said Wanderers, has no business in Chande’s case.

Butao also said their interest is to see that the matter should reach its logical conclusion.

The Wanderers are the ones who want to sign Chande so why the case should not concern them? Frankly speaking, whether Chande is innocent or not, but this case still affects the nomads in certain dimensions.

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