GABBY AGBONLAHOR’S ILL MANNERS SUFFOCATE ASTON VILLA – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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The club has suspended Gabby Agbonlahor  after being fed up with his ill manners.

Agbonlahor, the striker was pictured partying and downing shots at a top London hotel with two women and friends just hours after Villa suffered a 1-0 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Agbonlahor, 29, has been very controversial ever since he joined Aston Villa. Just two weeks ago Villa were forced to carry out an internal investigation into Agbonlahor’s antics after he was pictured apparently smoking a shisha pipe while partying in the Middle East.

However, the team spared him and suspended such propagandas as he appeared to be a sheep,

Enough is enough for Agbonlahor  after getting under club’s nerve, he finally suspended.

Villa were relegated from the Premier League after losing 1-0 to Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday.

They are bottom of the table after collecting just 16 points from 34 games.


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