MINISTER OF SPORTS AND CULTURE SPEAKS OUT ON BUSHIRI DONATION – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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Over few past weeks the rumors made a cloud which blinded the fellow Malawians to believe that Government turned down the donation of prophet shepherd Bushiri, k44 million to Flames for the Africa cup of Nations qualifier against Guinea .

However, Minister of sports and culture Grace Chiumia cleared this cloud on Tuesday in Dedza as she was flanked by FAME vice-president James Mwenda.

“Sometimes it hurts when people thrive on lies or distort the truth to suit their wishes. As government at no time did we instruct FAM to refuse the donation? FAM has been receiving donations in the past without notifying government, why should we interfere now. I wanted to put this on record. We were not against Bushiri donation.” Said Chiumia,

Following this development she was very astounded and further explained;

“It was Friday when I was notified of the donation from Bushiri. I was in Parliament. We gave them a go- ahead, but I could not attend the function because of Parliament. Let’s learn not to spread lies but tell the truth. Why should government be against Bushiri?”

Not only that but also Mwenda commented, “we have a good working relationship with government and never directed to refuse the donation.”

Actually, it has been noted that Bushiri handled over the cheque at Chiwembe Technical centre a fortnight ago, said he donated the money after being approached by Flames coach Ernest Mtawali.


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