NO MDF BOXERS SHOULD FIGHT WITHOUT BEING INSURED-MHONE – – Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey,Tennis and sports in Malawi


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The head of training Brigadier General Alick Mhone of Malawi Defence Force disclosed that the Army Commander Ignacio Maulana has asked the Malawi Professional boxing Control Board (MPBCB) to insure the MDF boxers before any tournament.

The Army Commander has shown his complaint because many promoters continue to organize both local and international without insuring the boxers despite the sport being a threat to life.

“The Commander met the MPBCB representatives recently where he made it clear that no MDF employee would be allowed to take part in a fight without being granted insurance,” Mhone said.

“Since the promoters earn money from sponsors and gate fees, then they cannot fail to meet the insurance cost,” added Mhone.

However, MPBCB Chairperson   Lonzoe Zimba, who met with Army Commander, said it was the responsibility of boxers’ manager to offer insurance.

Director Craig Roussseau, confessed that they have no choice but to fall into the demand of MDF as there is no sweet without pain.  The MDF have best boxers such as Osgood Kayuni, Wilson Masamba, Alick Mwenda and these among others.

“From now on, before we engage boxers from the army, we will make sure that we have insured the boxer. But we will only be doing that when there is a fight. We want to be following international standards. The insurance will also be extended to the other boxers,” he said.

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