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The Brazil legend Pele said there were great players playing in England back his day than the entire world today which has only Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.

Pele, in racing memories named the great players of days;

“My memories are of Georgie Best, Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, and not forgetting Banks – Gordon was a proper great.

“And that was just in England. All around the world it was the same, brilliant Germans, Dutchmen and of course Brazilians.”

Pele did not blame the players of today for their inabilities but rather the commercialization of game.

He says that, through the influence of agents, players are doing themselves more harm than good by moving clubs at an early stage of their careers.

“I think one of the problems is that the players used to remain longer in the team they started with, in the country they were born.

“Before, the players belong to their club; they had the chance to grow there. Now the players belong to the impresarios, the agents, their personal managers.

“We have this problem in Brazil, the best players start to play, then immediately comes the impresario, they pay a little too much, and hoping to make money straight away, they push them too early.”

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